International project for the restoration of Ukraine.

The construction division of the Concern Construction Additive Robotic Systems International is an official participant of the International project aimed at restoring Ukraine.
We are deeply grateful to our colleagues in construction 3D printing from all over the world, who, at this difficult time for us, offered their help and participation in the process of restoring Ukraine.
In this part of the site, various projects of houses are offered to your attention, which can be implemented as temporary or permanent housing for internally displaced persons or residents of Ukraine whose houses were destroyed by russian aggressors.
The information base of projects will be updated.

If you have a desire to take part in the International Project for the Reconstruction of Ukraine, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to communicate.

Estimated printing and assembly time for this device is 5 and 3 days, respectively.

With the constant influx of Ukrainian refugees, there is an obvious shortage of housing. The number of housing destroyed in Ukraine as a result of the war cannot be calculated. This is where new technologies like concrete 3D printing can really come into play.

In this regard, I have designed a simple 70 m2 modular prefabricated house with 2 bedrooms for a small family. The goal is to be as practical as possible in order to increase production and assembly efficiency.

We are looking for partners who are ready to finance this project and put it into mass production.

We ourselves at PRINT4D are donating the space, equipment and time of our print shop to help bring this project to fruition. Would you like to be a part of positive change in this world? Please share this and let’s help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters together!

For communication use the contact form at the bottom of the page