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We are the world’s first industry сonsortiumuniсing the production and operation of construction 3D printers of the widest range.

Build 3D. That’s how we’d like the world to be.

Your possibilities in 3D construction are limited only by your imagination. It's time to turn dreams into reality.

We don't want to be the first. Our goal is to be the best.

We are constantly working to improve our equipment. You will find a lot of original solutions in the near future.
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Press release about 3DPLODDER

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Possibility of 3D printing of houses and automation of construction works.

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Members of the CARS International Consortium Provide the Best Service for Sustainable Progress

We’re committed to help restore Ukraine

The main mission of the «Construction Additive Robotic Systems» Consortium is to offer the construction 3D printing market a wide range of construction 3D printers.
Our products cover virtually all segments of the emerging 3DCP market. Equipment for educational institutions, universities and staff training colleges. Large format printers for large-scale construction of townhouses and duplexes, allowing the simultaneous printing of two buildings. Dome house printers. Printers for printing individual elements of building structures, small architectural forms, landscape design.

Higher, farther and faster! The Olympic slogan is quite applicable to the construction industry of our time, which has spent a lot of time waiting for the arrival of progressive innovative technologies. The combination of construction speed, quality materials and original design solutions is the key to successful implementation of 3DCP technology. 

The factor hindering the development of 3DCP technology is the high cost of tools for its implementation, the lack of equipment for training specialists. We intend to change this situation. Our advantages are a wide range of manufactured equipment, affordable prices and, as a result, a shorter payback period and increased profitability.

The preliminary amount USD of damage caused to Ukraine as a result of the war.

The scale of destruction and damage to buildings, private residences and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine caused by russia's military aggression.

*The information provided is not final due to the lack of the ability to analyze the destruction in the occupied territory and in the war zone.
Residential buildings
Kilometers of roads

We have over 6 years experience in this industry

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Selection of the optimal equipment for your tasks. 3D printing on the construction site or production of individual blocks for assembly.

We build 3D future

We have been living in a three-dimensional world all our lives, but only now we are starting 3D construction.

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Oleg Popov founder CCARS