We do not wait for the future, we create it.

We do not wait for the future, we create it.

We do not wait for the future, we create it.

Revolutionizing Construction with Cutting Edge TechnologyProfessional 3D Concrete Printing Solutions Under One Roof

Professional 3DCP solutions.

Behind the superficial external similarity of the 3D Quanter construction 3D printer, with one of the projects known to a wide range of people. lies the different genetics of the solutions underlying them, significant differences are clear only to a narrow circle of robotics specialists. The history of technological breakthroughs has repeatedly demonstrated a simple truth — superiority does not always mean leadership. This is most likely the start of a competitive process of innovation that allows you to discover opportunities for improvement and thereby improve equipment and technology.

At the beginning of 2021, the 3D Quanter company implemented a project to create a construction 3D printer of a radius type. In August 2021, a test building was printed by the project team. The results of his work are presented in a video and photo gallery.

In the nearest plans for the development of the 3D Quanter project, the maximum automation of the construction printing process due to the introduction of computer vision. The sensors used for these purposes, in combination with Artificial Intelligence, will take over most of the information processing. The printer operator will only supervise the operation of the equipment.

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Equipment specifications

Printer weight

2000 kg.

Mix feeding station

own design

Rotation around the central axis

380 degrees.

Printer Height

up to 1.7 meters.

Printer print height 4 meters

Print field diameter

from 4 to 16 meters.
Softwareown design
Self-assembly designinstallation time on site — 30  minutes.
MobilityCrane arm


Power consumption

380 V, 50 Hz.

10 kWh

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