The production division of the Construction Additive Robotic System International concern — CCARS PRODUCTION is focused on serial and mass production of equipment for the implementation of construction 3D printing technology.

5 brands of the concern are represented by 10 models of construction 3D printers with more than 15 options for the size of the printed field.

Do you need something more functional than just a construction 3D printer?

Printer + automated building system to robotize the next construction work?

Additive printing with any available building mixtures.
Pouring heavy concrete mixtures and insulation into the printed formwork of load-bearing walls.
Pouring of foundations and floor slabs.
Tying horizontal reinforcement.
Post-processing of the outer and inner surface of printed walls.

Do you want to perform construction printing at a level of minus 3 meters from the level of the surface on which the printer is installed and at the same time absolutely protect the printing field of the printer from atmospheric influences?

Your match will take place in any weather!

Among the five brands we represent, each of them uses one of the six basic principles of robotics.

All construction 3D printers we offer are focused on solving a wide range of tasks facing 3D construction enthusiasts. The difference between the constructive and inventive solutions that we use does not create a competitive situation between the proposed equipment. On the contrary, they can perfectly interact and complement each other while working on the same construction site.

We are perhaps the only manufacturer of construction equipment for 3D printing that decided not to stop at the release of a separate type of 3D printers, but to combine several technology platforms to expand the range of offers.

Our plans for the current year include the opening of a plant for the mass production of 3D construction printers, followed by scaling up the business and opening 4 more plants within five years. The dynamically developing 3DCP industry needs a large number of available tools to implement it.

We are interested in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with financial companies, investment funds, private investors in order to attract investments for the implementation of C.A.R.S. Concern projects.

Partnership with any leasing companies interested in financial participation in the sale of our equipment on a long-term basis.

Concern C.A.R.S. International is interested in establishing contacts with manufacturers of dry mixes for 3D printing of building structures, regardless of their location. Our customers are consumers of your products!

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