The quality you deserve and the reliability you can count on.
The quality you deserve and the reliability you can count on.
The project for mass production of construction 3D printers under the White Axis  brand started in August 2021. The official presentation was scheduled for March 2022, but, unfortunately, due to the armed aggression against Ukraine, it was postponed to July 1, 2022.
It took the project team a little over half a year to overcome the path from an idea to a working prototype of a construction 3D printer.
No matter how simple or complex a construction 3D printer is, one of its main components, without which the implementation of additive construction 3D technology is impossible, is the mixture supply station.
At the stage of technical experiments, analysis of intermediate results and development of the most optimal solution, work is underway to test the mixture supply station for White Axis printers.

Equipment specifications

Printer weight

1200 kg.

Mix feeding station

own design

Rotation around the central axis

370 degrees.

Printer Height

up to 4.3 meters.

Printer print height3.3 meters

Print field diameter

from 3 to 14 meters.
Softwareown design
Self-assembly designinstallation time on site — 30 — 45 minutes.
Mobilityon tracked or wheeled chassis


Power consumption

220 V, 50 Hz.

7 kWh


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