• Project Name: Mobile Construction 3D Printer Transformer
  • Brand Name: 3DPLODDER
  • Project Commencement Date: March 9, 2017
  • Founder: Oleg Popov
  • Project url: https://3dplodder.com


Equipment of the 3DPLODDER is a 3D building printer whose design has no analogues among existing equipment for 3D building printing.

Project Overview

The equipment range is represented by three modifications models (S, M, L, ) 3DPLODDER SOLO, as well as three versions of the 3DPLODDER DUET, in the process of developing three 3DPLODDER TRIO models.

The device does not use a mechanical drive to move the structure. The frame of the printer’s base has wheels, the physical effort of one person is enough to move the printer, the device is rigidly fixed relative to the print body due to stops at 5 points of the printer’s base. The time to move the printer from one print point to the next is no more than 5 minutes.

The time taken to install and disassemble the printer is between 45 and 60 minutes. All mounting points of the structure are numbered accordingly to exclude incorrect installation by personnel. Installation of models S, M, L does not require lifting mechanisms. The size of the print field along the height of the S, M, L models can be increased by placing the equipment on a moving platform and using an elongated mixture feed nozzle.

Proconstruction Services

The main area of equipment use is one, two, three-story individual construction, manufacturing of structural elements, building blocks, fixed formwork, elements of landscape gardening architecture of benches, stairs, flowerpots, fences and so on.

The printer is managed using open source software, and users are guaranteed updates and technical support over the life of the equipment and the duration of the license.

Reliable & Experienced

Any of the models of 3D construction printers of the 3D PLODDER SOLO modification is a full-fledged self-sufficient 3D construction printer, the depth of the printing field of which is half a meter. The design of the printer allows the transformation of two independent 3D PLODDER SOLO printers (any of the models) into a building 3D printer of a portal design — 3DPLODDER DUET modifications, this transformation allows you to increase the size of the printing field of the device and perform work on manufacturing products of round or spherical shape, as well as having a certain degree of crooked linearity and angle of inclination.
A technical solution for modifying the 3DPLODDER TRIO printer is under development. This modification is formed by transforming two printers of the 3DPLODDER SOLO modification (any of the models) into a 3D building printer which can print in three directions along the X axis, with a print depth along the Z axis up to half a meter. This innovative technical solution allows to increase the productivity of a 3D printer three times and overcome the established principle, defined as one printer — one print nozzle.